Juried Categories 

Fine Art 

Jeanne Chesterton

The title of the painting is "Lemons and Checks". It is a framed oil painting, sized at 11x14

MGeller Creations

"New Arrival" Oil on 12"x16" 3/4" Profile Canvas. Framed in a Black Floating Frame

Fine Art By Elissa

Pastel painting 20x20 on UArt 500 paper. A painting of the soft, flowing movement of Degas' dancers

Laura Brady Studio

INTESE FLORAL COLLECTION “Ruffled Tulip Wonder” • 24/36″ Canvas • 1.5″ Deep, Painted Sides

Donald Hoy Photography

Panoramic print of Balloons at Albuquerque Balloon Festival

Harry Boardman

"2nd Street Souderton, Winter" Oil pastel on panel 20" x 16"

Horses by Terry

Zebra - in oil

Brian Peterson Photography

"Moment In Time" Landscape off the black sand of beaches in Vik Iceland. There was a break in the clouds and this scene presented itself in front of me, the rainbow just reaching out towards the lone church which was also caught by the sun. In order to capture the scene, I took my zoom lens as wide as it can go and captured the moment. Not too much later the clouds closed up, the rain came down.

The Art Work of Tom Zimmerman

A portrait of my wonderful wife!

Fine Craft 

State of Mind

It is the ILY or the American deaf sign for "I love you" It is created from license plates and explains the meaning within the sign motion itself.

Edna Rambo Stoneware Pottery

16x6 flower vase with twisted ribbon handles

My Sister's Bags

"Giraffes All around" This whimsical purse blends many materials to form a beautiful piece of usable art. I use recycled men's wool blazer to fashion the pocket in the front. The bag is fashioned with a handmade ceramic button. The giraffes are playful and fun making it enjoyable to look at as well as use."

Margarete Naperski

sculptural wall collage on wood box - decoupage, paint, inks, assemblage

D'Andrea Concrete Designs

It is a modern concrete teapot: . The piece was made using a combination of 3D printing, computer aided design, as well as several hand building techniques. The piece is made of a homemade refractory cement with steel wire and reinforcing bar adornments. It is a take on taking modern industrial techniques and materials and incorporating them into a craft technique that has a very long history.

JP Mudroom

Pair of ring vases: Completely hollow inside to hold water with small openings for intentional bud arrangements

Pottery by Kelsey

"Veiled Forest Druid" 2020. Ceramic sculpture made of white stoneware, underglaze, acrylic gel, natural springbok horns, natural porcupine quills, Spanish moss, hemlock, golden rod flowers


HMB Studios

One-of-a-kind handmade jewelry combining three traditional crafts •Lampworkng: melting glass to make the large focal beads •Bead embroidery: combining the tiny beads with the larger ones to create a pendant •Metal smithing: working sterling silver to form the pieces that connect everything

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